The year so far

It’s been a weird start to the year, this year. It’s even weirder to talk about it like it’s a new year in April but here I am. My year hasn’t got started yet and we’re already more than a quarter the way through it.

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What am I talking about? well let me fill you in. For the first 2 months of the year i was plagued by a chest infection and a bout of bronchitis, that just would not shift. By the time that cleared a family member was ill in hospital and needless to say that caused some stress and we’re still waiting for the final all clear but early indications are excellent so that’s no longer a worry at least.

But George, what about March, I hear you say?

After a stretch of 8 years accident free, once again, someone decided to use my car as brakes at a roundabout. This left me with what the doctor’s lovingly call “Soft tissue damage” to my neck and lower back. My formerly unmolested and mechanically perfect Civic Type R EP3 is now a crashed car, so I have to make a decision to continue with my million mile project on her with all the memories of the many miles already added or do I start the hunt to find a replacement unmolested EP3? (needles in haystacks are easier found) It’s not an easy decision as there are so many memories tied into Bugzilla (not least of which is the 4200+ miles travelling of our honeymoon) I don’t honestly think I could part with her so I’ll go ahead with the repairs and have another think about it then I guess.

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Then there’s the small matter of the surgery I had 2 weeks ago. This left me with over 40 incisions in my right Leg. After almost 2 decades of not doing anything about it, I finally had my varicose veins seen too and oh how I wish I’d done it sooner. Apparently, they were the worst veins my Doctor had ever seen. That, combined with everything else that has gone on since the start of the year means what should have been a 5 day recovery period has turned into 2 weeks.

Now you would be forgiven for thinking this post was a bit of a whinge and me feeling sorry for myself but it’s not. This is the weird thing I feel more up for the challenge and motivated than I have for a long time. I might start this year a little later than the I thought I would but with everything I have planned for the rest of the year it should be a pretty awesome one overall.

More news as it develops.

Festival of Speed round up

So, I’m back from the 2014 Goodwood Festival of speed for a few days now and I’ve gathered together a load of links to stories, pictures and videos around the web. I have some photo’s and video’s of my own and hopefully I’ll get round to posting them as well soon. So without further ado here we go.

Lets start with the Festival TV coverage, beware there are days worth of viewing in it.

The Official Goodwood Festival of speed site

And now lots of links to other related stories around the web.

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And a series of links from the excellent F1 Fanatic

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You can click here to see a google image search for Goodwood Festival of Speed 2014

Online Education

Yup, it’s that time of year when the kids head off to college and the parents begrudgingly accept their kids as young adults. As always I’ve seen loads of advertising over the last month or so for online training/college courses and some of these are rather costly.

When I saw this video a while back it got me thinking…

Why would you pay for online training from some company you barely know of when world-renowned institutions like these are offering education for free to anyone who wants to give it a try?

K-POP – Gangnam Style

That’s Korean POP music to you and me, I’d never really given it much thought until the video below popped up on Facebook about a week ago. It just seemed odd and I don’t speak Korean so I very nearly stopped it after less than 20 seconds, boy am I glad I didn’t. It’s a disgustingly catchy tune and let’s be honest the video has so many WTF moments, it’s something that a lot of pop acts forget… FUN!

And now it’s a phenomenon, with “reaction Videos”, Parodies (I’ll pay a fiver for “Dublin Style”), a cover version and lets face it if your going to get covered on You Tube then there is only one person you really want to cover it and that’s the phenomenon that is 331Erock

Now if anyone wants to mix Erock’s audio with the original video I’m all for that, in the meantime here’s a remix that solves the “needs more Wub” issue of the original :)

What really amazes me about this is that the song was only released July 15, 2012 and it has brought as much global recognition and attention to PSY, K-POP and South Korea in a little more than 6 weeks as the Olympics did!

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