While this blog was “sleeping”…

So, I had a few technical difficulties of my own making and it took me a while to get thing’s back up and running, but as we all know life doesn’t stop just ’cause your blog is offline and I have been busy. here’s a quick round up in no particular order…

Our old media centre PC decided it had enough and shuffled off this mortal coil

We built a new Media Centre PC :)

We switched phone, broadband and TV providers
I spent a day in St. James hospital (Turned out to be nothing serious:))


New Year

Wedding planning

I started my new Job

Another Barcamp

Honeymoon planning

More wedding plans

But at least I’ll have a few posts worth to write about next week. While My sweetie is away for a few days for work reasons.

Top Gear’s triumphant Return

Top Gear was back for it’s new series on Sunday night last. Some thought the show might not return but thankfully it hasn’t worked out that way and once again Messrs Clarkson, May and yes, the Hamster is back and not looking one bit worse for wear. Lets not forget, he did roll at over 280 Mph.

After all the Hamster has been through, you have to admire his strength in getting back onto the show not to mention talking about it so openly. Allowing the clips of his “prophetic” comments to be shown and the footage of the accident itself is something I don’t think I could do in private not to mention in a crowded room being watched by literally millions of people and well to be fair I hope I never have to.

There are probably loads of places online to see the video of the accident itself, but to be honest, I think I’d rather take the spirit of Richard’s “lets never talk about the accident again” comment, and well if ye missed the show, sorry but you’ll need to look elsewhere to find that video clip.
It’s said that a person is defined by how they handle themselves in the hardest of times, Richard Hammond, I salute you.

Right so what else did we learn? well lets see, road works don’t have to take weeks if you put a little bit extra in, in terms of planning and scheduling, so long as you plan the diversion in advance. :)

Jamie Oliver, is a seriously good wet weather driver!

And there’s still life in Jaguar.

I’m Back!!!

Yup, The rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated :) “So what happened?” I here you ask.

Well if I’m honest, I thrashed my blog! I was trying to fix the little problem with my Url being /Blog so it would be /blog “Why?” Simple, Technorati and the internet in general doesn’t really like capital letters in web address. In the process I broke everything. :'( I tried to get help by posting on the wordpress support forum but never got a response! which really surprised me, as I had heard great things about it but I’m not gonna moan about it, ’cause one of my new work colleagues, Niall :) sorted everything out last night.

There’s been a lot of changes in my life in the 3 months since I last posted but thats a whole other post and I want to have a play around with the “look” here before I start posting again regularly. Hopefully it won’t take another 3 month’s 😀

Oh, and Happy New Year all!