I’m posting about Top Gear again :) but this post has more to do with why respect for America has fallen, in recent years. This isn’t America bashing, it’s an observation, no more.

Anyway, what the hell am I talking about?

Well last weekend’s Top Gear had what I considered to be the single most obvious example of everything that is wrong in American society today. Yes, I’m talking about the Gas Station incident, if you haven’t seen it then have a look at Donncha’s post about it, it’s even got the relevant footage embedded. (must learn how to do that myself) I’ll wait for ye.

Now, as TV entertainment goes I agree with Donncha, pure comedy! Only cause I wasn’t one of the people in serious danger, if I was, there probably would have been a “brown” oil slick behind my car :D

James May posted about it as well on the Top Gear blog and it seems he almost blames himself for what happened. Please don’t accept responsibility for someone else’s bigotry and ignorance.

The people in that clip, showed the audience exactly what a clichéd southern American is. These are the same people who would say they believe in the great American dream of freedom and equality etc. the same people who support the “wars” in Afghanistan and Iraq because they are bringing freedom to the middle east and the rest of the world.

Yet when they are confronted with 3 British men enjoying the “freedom” of having a bit of a laugh, the response is to “call the boys” to beat the tar out of them. Am I the only person who sees the hypocrisy in this?

America fights for and defends your freedom, that’s the freedom to follow the herd and not deviate from their “norm” so this is this what America has become? The land of the free and the home of those brave enough to threaten and scare 3 men from the other side of the planet, for having a bit of a laugh?