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is a movie about the life of Ayrton Senna De Silva, The greatest F1 driver of his generation and arguably of all time. His name became legend as he raced in far away and exotic locations all over the world and it’s all captured in this Movie.

Jeremy Clarkson did a piece on Top Gear in his honour which I think is one of the best tribute pieces I’ve seen.

But if we’re to believe the hype this Movie leaves it in the dust and brings the legend that is Senna to an entirely new generation.

I wonder if this clip from Ireland’s own Mondello Park was used, I’ll let you know once I see the movie.

Senna opens Friday 3rd of June in the IFI in Temple Bar and I will be there, will you?

A director, lies and an airline

So a while back Kevin Smith (one of my favourite directors) was involved in a bit of an Airline drama, I’m not gonna re-hash the story here as he goes into detail to explain it on one of his Podcasts here. What seemed to irk him the most, was the lies that South west airlines told to cover they’re own butts.

He has directed lots of movies over the years and quite a few are all time favourites of mine.

What I love about these films is that while they deal with some serious topics, they do it in a way that is insanely funny and they don’t take themselves to seriously. I always suspected Mr. Smith had that sort of a personality, but was never certain until I saw this…

Oh hai, mean airlines! I no haz cheezburger I swear!
It never hurts to have a giggle at your own expense once in a while.

Groundhogs and Sugar

Elly and I had a great night out last night at the birthday party/Groundhog Day movie screening.

The venue was the “The Sugar Club” and the evening began with Darren on-stage introducing the movie and announcing that there would be some spot prizes later. Although, he was ambushed by some of the other crew with a large chocolate cake. It was almost a shame to cut it though as it was the logo, but cut it was and passed to the eagerly waiting audience.

Groundhog Day is a film I have seen before but not this millennium, so it was almost like a whole new film to me. Elly on the other hand had never seen it and (like me and everyone else) laughed through most of it.

What stood out for me, watching this film again was the character of Ned Ryerson. I’d never noticed it before but was this character the inspiration for Ace Ventura‘s irritating “funny” voice and mannerisms?

Once the movie finished some spot prizes were given out (congrats to all the winners) and the lights came up allowing the audience to mingle and chat while enjoying the bar facilities, there didn’t seem to be any rush to clear people out and as a result there was a fantastic friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

An excellent evening was had by all and for the my first ‘event’ I was very impressed. Spot prizes, cake, a great movie, a witty and intelligent MC and a great venue, how could I not be impressed. Oh, did I mention there was cake! :)

I can’t wait for the next one, some come on Darren don’t keep us in suspense…

Review of The Simpsons Movie

The Simpsons Movie

My expectations were high, the movie was good, not great and the fact that all the best jokes are shown in the many trailers, really takes the punch out of the movie. Still it is worth the price of admission.

Last Friday night myself the wife and a few friends and collegues headed out to see The Simpsons movie. The trailers we’ve all seen on television all gave me a laugh so it was only natural to go see the movie.

The film was a laugh from start to finish, there was a little bit of a lag in the middle of the film,which was just as well, we all need time to munch the popcorn and slurp on the ‘Big gulp’. :)

The story, for me wasn’t enough to carry the movie, the jokes were not enough to carry the movie, but somehow, all together, it works.

In my opinion, this movie missed the oppurtunity to do to animated movies what it did for Animated TV Series when it started all those years ago. Lets not forget The Simpsons paved the way for other shows, Futurama, Family Guy & American Dad to name a few. These shows owe a dept to Matt Groening and The Simpsons.

This first movie, in what one can expect to be a string of sequels, has two issues the sequels will have to deal with. The first is the weight of expectations, mine will not be as high for the next movie. The second is completely at the mercy of the marketing department, don’t show all the funniest jokes from the movie in your trailers, it left me feeling cheap and used! :)

This is a good movie, I will be going to see the inevitable sequels but I won’t expect to see anything more than an extended episode of a funny animated TV show.

Rated 3/5 on Jul 29 2007 by George Pratt
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