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Google analytics learns me good

OK, so I’m looking through my Google analytics for my blog this morning. I find it really interesting to see where all my readers are coming from and how many are returning visitors. I prolly should take some time out to learn a bit more about it other than the whole pretty pictures aspects but time is a valuable thing and I am not a rich man :)

Anyway, I was looking at my “geo map overlay” (For those of you not familiar with google analytics it shows an approximate location of a site viewer based on there IP Address) and since I started this blog I have seen locations light up all over the world, much to my surprise, I might add. I’m really not that interesting :)

It somehow makes me feel more confident to know that people in Australia, New Zealeand, Japan, China, continental europe, the USA, Canada and Peru read my blog, some more regularly than others, but it’s a real ego boost to know it’s not just my friends and family that are reading.

This is how Analytics educated me this morning…

  1. I have had a page view from South Africa on wednesday 20/9/2006 :)
  2. There is an Athlone South Africa 😀

Needless to say I was a bit surprised by no. 2, I was wondering was analytics telling me porkies, so a spot of googling was done to confirm

So now I guess, I just need to get a viewer from the antartic to give me a surf-by and I’ll have to start checking for all the countries in the world instead of continents 😀